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2014-2015 Auditions

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2014 PlayFest Auditions

Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF will hold open call auditions for PlayFest on Sunday, September 21st and Monday, September 22nd from 6-10 p.m. at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center. Walk ups only, no appointments will be scheduled for these auditions.

In its 12th Season, PlayFest features seven readings of seven new plays from Saturday, November 1 through Monday, November 3, 2014. Each play has twelve hours of rehearsal with the director and playwright for a script-in-hand reading. A stipend of $60 will be provided to all actors.

Please prepare one contemporary monologue or one side for the audition and bring one copy of your headshot and resume. Please contact auditions@orlandoshakes.org with questions

2014 Orlando Shakes’ PlayFest. All Roles available unless otherwise specified.
Performance times and dates may be subject to change within the Nov.1-3 window.
All rehearsals are scheduled for evenings between 6-11 p.m.

Lowndes Shakespeare Center
812 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Produced in Partnership w/ UCF
Artistic Director: Jim Helsinger
Managing Director: PJ Albert
Director of New Play Development: Mark Routhier

For information and sides for our 2014-2015 Signature Series, click here.

The Doctor
Patrick and Julia

PLAYFEST: All That is Seen and Unseen

Performance: Saturday, November 1 at 3:00 pm  
By Rob Keefe
All That is Seen and Unseen is a fantastical journey of the constructs of third world democracy, American foreign relations and the bitter pressures of marriage, parenting and adoption. Teetering between drama, comedy and suspense, Keefe masterfully explores modern issues through relatable and fallible human beings.

  • Julia: mixed race 40s, American.
  • Patrick: white 50s, American.
  • A Clerk: female, mixed race or black, a government worker, African.
  • A Doctor: male, mixed race or black, African
  • Lt. Voss: Angy. Young. Coiled spring. African.

    Mrs. Gomez
    Dr. Jump
    Althea and Annie
    KJ and Annie

    PLAYFEST: Annie Jump and The Library of Heaven

    Performance: Sunday, November 2 at 12:00 pm
    By Reina Hardy
    Annie Jump And The Library Of Heaven is an exploration of the fine line between insanity and belief, and the human capacity to comprehend something truly greater than ourselves. Told through the eyes of a very special fourteen year old girl, Hardy’s piece interweaves humor, tragedy and suspense with a great deal of intellect and whimsy.

  • Annie Jump: 14 years old. Very smart.
  • Dr. Jump: Her dad. 40(ish). Scientist. Awkward.
  • KJ: 14 years old. Also very smart.
  • Althea: An alien being who looks like a 17 year old girl.
  • Mrs. Gomez: School teacher. 30s or 40s. Latina.

    Gray Mole
    White Egret

    PLAYFEST: Blackberry Winter

    Performance: Monday, November 3 at 7:00 pm
    (Possible day rehearsal on Sunday, November 2nd & Monday, November 3rd)
    By Steve Yockey
    Forced to deal with a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Vivienne shares her journey from the moment of diagnosis to the present. Accompanied by an origin story of her own creation, Vivienne invites the audience into her world of this strange and debilitating disease. Yockey attacks difficult subject matter through a wild and beautifully creative lens.

  • Vivienne: A woman. Late 40s (Already cast).
  • White Egret: A bird. A woman. Any age.
  • Gray Mole: A mole. A man. Any age.

    Senga Quinn

    PLAYFEST: Dancing Lessons

    Performance: Saturday, November 1 at 8:00 pm
    By Mark St. Germain
    Only in a city as isolating as Manhattan, could an out of work dancer and a professor from the Institute of Technology find solace in one another. When Ever Montgomery, a socially awkward professor is forced to attend an awards ceremony where there will be dancing he seeks out his neighbor Senga, an injured dancer, for help. Mark St. Germain brings us a modern odd couple, which tells a simple love story while exposing the reality of autism and Asperger’s disease.

  • Senga Quinn: Ex-Broadway dancer. Late 30s or 40s.
  • Ever Montgomery: Professor of Geosciences. Might be autistic. Late 30s to Early 50s (Already cast).

    PLAYFEST: Gloucester Blue

    Performance: Sunday, November 2 at 4:00 pm
    By Israel Horovitz
    On the coast of Massachusetts, an extreme home remodeling leads to a darkly comedic conflict of morality. As Stumpy and Latham, two dirtbag townies, attempt to repair the home, it becomes evident the problems lie more with the homeowners than with the house itself.

  • Stumpy: Male. Late 30s. Blue collar guy. Maybe a Boston accent.
  • Latham: Male. 50s. Blue collar guy. Maybe a Boston accent.
  • Lexi: Female. Mid 40s. Attractive. Upscale. Country clubber.
  • Bummy: Male. Mid 40s. Uscale. Country clubber.


    PLAYFEST: Moses, the Author

    Performance: Saturday, November 1 at 12:00 pm
    By Andrew R. Heinze
    Once God has given Moses word that he will die, Moses must scramble to finish the good book. A comedy of farcical proportions, Moses the Author shows us how the Old Testament could have been written while gently poking fun at modern conceptions of religion. And we look at Moses as a creative force—a writer with the ultimate editor.

  • Moses: 120 years old (played by middle-aged man) An author.
  • Zippy (Ziporah): His wife (played by a middle-aged woman).
  • Yohoved: His mother. 180 years old (played by a woman any age).
  • Gershy (Gershom): His son. 42 years old (possible played by a younger man).
  • Thusie (Methusaleh): 1000 years old but very fit (could be played by a younger man).

    Milk Maid
    Contrary Dwarf and Crooked Giant
    Guard and Cobbler
    Queen and Guard

    PLAYFEST: There Be Dragons

    Performance: Sunday, November 2 at 7:00 pm
    By Aleshea Harris
    Once upon a time in a land far, far away, an urban assembly of characters created a very modern fairytale. Complete with a queen, milkmaid, guard, cobbler and dwarf, Harris paints a recognizable landscape colored with modern language, humor and if all goes well, a wedding. (This play takes place in a fantastical urban landscape of homeless people. Race and age will be determined by the possibilities presented in the casting pool.)

  • Duke: A man obsessed.
  • Crier: Exists in almost impenetrable drunken sleepiness. Almost.
  • Queen: A woman on a quest.
  • Milk Maid: A woman obsessed. Childlike and fanciful. Loose tongue.
  • Cobbler: A Handyman who’s been away.
  • Contrary Dwarf: A youngster living with shadows.
  • Crooked Giant: Poor Speaker. Great listener. Loves books.
  • Listener: A being comprised of three young girls (played by one).
  • Guard: Takes his job very seriously.

  • 2014-2015 Signature Series Season Audition Information

    Our general local auditions in Orlando, FL and in New York have both ended. Please check back throughout the year for any future auditions that may be schedule for replacement roles.  The audition sides below will be used in case we need to replace any roles in our season.

    Lowndes Shakespeare Center
    812 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803
    Produced in Partnership w/ UCF
    Artistic Director: Jim Helsinger
    Managing Director: PJ Albert

    Weekly Salaries
    AEA (Union):
    SPT 7: $462; SPT 9: $586;
    LOA/LORT: $618 (approval pending)
    Non-Union: $320-$418 per week
    Children’s roles: $500 total stipend per production

    Javert (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Fantine (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Eponine (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Little Cosette
    Male Chorus
    Marius 1
    Marius 2
    Cosette (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Enjorlas 1
    Enjorlas 2
    Enjorlas (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Thenardier 1
    Thenardier 2
    Thenardier (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Valjean 1
    Valjean 2
    Valjean & Cosette (CALLBACK ONLY)

    Weekly Salaries: AEA (Union) LOA: $618, Non-Union: $416 (Children $500 total stipend)
    Written by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg. Director: DJ Salisbury.
    Rehearsal 8/19, Opens 9/10, Closes 10/12.

  • Jean Valjean - 35-40s. Sings to B (high lyric baritone or tenor with strong low notes). A poor peasant who rises to affluence, great natural nobility and dignity. A powerful figure, ideally a large man with a character of operatic size and passion. The voice needs to have a bright pop/rock sound or a classical sound of extraordinary textual clarity.

  • Javert - Baritone, sings to G. Policeman who relentlessly hunts Valjean. Ideally a large man. The ultimate “law and order” figure. Obsessed, to the point of irrationality, with a rigid and merciless moral code. He too is a character of operatic size and passion. Both belt voice and classical can suit this role but must have a darker quality than Jean Valjean.

  • Thenardier - Late 30s-40s. Strong comic character role. A crooked innkeeper, later a petty, amoral thief. Greedy, irreverent, selfish, boorish, vulgar. Baritone, sings to F sharp.

  • Marius - 20s. Clear, High bari-tenor (sings to high A) with a strong bottom (to low A). A member of the revolutionary student movement. Attractive and romantic but in a sensitive, 19th century “byronic” way.

  • Enjolras - 20s-early 30s. High baritone (to G sharp/A) very strong singer. Charismatic revolutionary.

  • Fantine - Late 20s, early 30s. Belt up to C, sings to E flat. Poor factory girl, struggling to support her fatherless daughter. Later is a pauper, a prostitute, a consumptive and a ghost. Earthy and poignant. Although finally defeated by circumstances, she should appear to be strong and a survivor.

  • Cosette - 18-25 (the younger the better). Fantine’s daughter (first seen as and played by a child) delicate, elegant, vulnerable and beautiful. Falls in love with and later marries Marius. Legit Soprano (to high C) with a light, young “floating” sound, without heavy vibrato.

  • Eponine - An enormous and beautiful belt voice, to C in belt (sings to E flat). Daughter of the Thenardiers but in no way behaves like them. Fired by an unrequited love for Marius. Small, gamine, waif-like. Wears her heart on her sleeve.

  • Madame Thenardier - 30s-early 40s. Tough, sharp, coarse, boorish, vulgar. Strong character comedienne role. Belter.

  • Gavroche - Boy, age 7 - 11. 52” tall or less. Spunky street urchin. Lots of personality. Sings very well.

  • Young Cosette - Female,  age 7 - 11. 50” tall or less. Sweet innocent waif. Pretty soprano voice for Young Cosette.

  • Young Eponine - Female, age 7 - 11. 50” tall or less. Sweet innocent waif.

    • THE BISHOP OF DIGNE  - Low A to High E, a much-admired clergyman whose great kindness and charity have made him popular throughout his parish.
    • THE FOREMAN - D (below middle C) to D, Foreman of the factory where Fantine works. An embittered user. He fires Fantine after she refuses to sleep with him.
    • BAMATABOIS - D (below middle C) to High D,  Bamabatois is a "customer" who taunts Fantine into violence. He is a wealthy dissolute young man who thinks of himself as a gentleman. Drunk and sadistic and feels it is his right to buy anything, even Fantine.
    • FAUCHELEVANT - B (below middle C) to E flat, A critic of Valjean’s while Valjean is the mayor of Montreuil-sur-mer under the assumed name of Madeleine. FauchelevAnt becomes indebted to Valjean when Valjean saves him from a carriage accident.

    • MONTPARNASSE, C sharp (below middle C) to E, Handsome and dangerous. Kills with a knife. He is well dressed, strongly built and supple.
    • BABET, C sharp (below middle C) to E, Physically frail. He is lean and cunning.  
    • BRUJON, C sharp (below middle C) to E, Physically very strong. The body of a bear and a pea sized brain. A genuine gangster, he is stupid and evil.  
    • CLAQUESOUS, C sharp (below middle C) to E, Tough, dangerous and secretive.

    • COMBEFERRE - Low A to F, The philosopher and believer in peace. He is gentle, humane, strong and brave.  
    • FEUILLY- High A natural, A worker, self-educated and an orphan. A believer in  "nationality." Affectionate, warm and poetic.  
    • COURFEYRAC - Low A to F, He is youthful, passionate and fearless.  
    • JOLY- Low A to F, A medical student. Eccentric and light-hearted, although sometimes morbid. His name is derived from the English word "Jolly."  
    • GRANTAIRE - Low A to F, The opposite of Enjolras. He believes in nothing. Witty and drunken, he is happy being with the group and they enjoy his good humor. He also keeps a watchful eye on Gavroche.
    • LESGLES - Low A to F - Cheerful, laughing at life but unlucky. His close friend is Joly.  
    • JEAN PROUVAIRE- Low A to F, A student of social studies. He is kind, softly spoken, at the right moments strong and masterful. He is also a poet.  

    • OLD WOMAN, E (above middle C) to D - Old Woman that purchases Fantine's hair. 
    • FACTORY GIRL, E (above middle C) to D flat (above middle C), The Shop Girl who fights with Fantine. She is mean, catty, and selfish.
    Ann & C.P.
    Bill 1
    Bill 2
    C.P. & Bill
    C.P. & Mary
    Mary 2

    Salaries: AEA (Union) SPT 7: $462
    By Mark St. Germain. Director: Mark Routhier.
    1st Rehearsal 9/23, Opens 10/17, Closes 11/16.

    • Bill Riddick: Black Male, 30s. Department of Education. From North Carolina but educated in the north. Optimist. Not afraid to get in the middle of things. Likes to incite.
    • C.P. Ellis: White Male, Mid 30s to 50ish. Exalted Cyclops of the Durham KKK. Racist. Of Old Confederate bigotry. Stubborn, but not without the capacity to learn. Hard, but not without the capacity to feel. Thinks God is on his side.
    • Mary Ellis: White Female, Mid 30s to 50ish. C.P.’s wife. Open eyes. Cares deeply about family. Not afraid to stand up to her husband for what is right for her family.
    • Ann Atwater: Black Female, Middle 40s to late 50s. Civil Rights Activist and Civic Leader. Sharp. Determined. Unafraid. Seen it all. Knows what she is up against.
    Fezziwig/Old Joe/Present
    Fred/Christmas Past
    Marley Cratchit
    Mrs. Cratchit/ Charwoman
    Tiny Tim/Turkey Boy

    Weekly Salary - AEA (Union) SPT 9: $586, Non-Union: $378 ( (Children $500 total stipend)
    By Charles Dickens. Adapted by Jim Helsinger. Director: TBA.
    SPT 9. 1st Rehearsal 11/11, Opens 12/5, Closes 12/28.

    A retelling of the classic Dickens’ tale. Please prepare appropriate British accents for each role.

    • Ebenezer Scrooge: Male 60-70. A rich but cheap, conniving merchant, a cruel man that cares nothing for other people, who changes to a loving person overnight.
    • Fezziwig / Ensemble: Male 45-60. Fezziwig – Happy middle class merchant, laughing and jolly. Old Joe – pawn shop owner, disgusting low-life, cockney accent. Xmas Present - An oversized giant of a spirit, strong, full of laughter and love.
    • Mrs. Cratchit / Ensemble: Female 40-50. Mrs. Cratchit – wife of Bob Cratchit, a kind woman, crushed by poverty. Charity Collector – a jolly woman, collecting donations for the poor.
    • Bob Cratchit / Ensemble: Male 40’s. Bob Cratchit – Clerk to Scrooge. A very kind, humble, poor man. Jacob Marley – The spirit of Scrooge’s business partner, now wearing the crushing chains of his sins.
    • Fred / Ensemble: Male 20s-30s. Fred – Scrooge’s nephew, a kind young businessman, determined to keep up his spirits. Xmas Past – A kind spirit.
    • Belle / Ensemble: Female 20s. Belle – Scrooge’s fiancée, a beautiful and strong young woman. Martha – Bob Cratchit’s daughter, fun loving but poor.
    • Fan / Belinda: Female, 13-15. Fan – Scrooge’s sister, she is dying but still luminous with love. Belinda - Full of hope, but also a bit sassy, a teenager.
    • Tiny Tim / Ensemble: Male 8-11. Tiny Tim – young crippled son of Bob Cratchit. Very sweet and kind to others. / Turkey Boy – excitable young street boy.
    Bob Ewell
    Judge Taylor
    Miss Maudie
    Mr. Gilmer
    Mrs. Dubose
    Rev. Sykes
    Scout/Atticus (CALLBACK ONLY)
    Hugh Evans
    Mistress Ford
    Mistress Page

    (performed on alternating nights, actors will be in both shows (except children’s roles)
    Weekly Salaries: AEA (Union) LOA: $618, Non-Union: $416 (Children $500 total stipend)


    By Christopher Sergel, from the novel by Harper Lee. Director: TBA
    1st Rehearsal 12/09, Opens 1/23, Closes 3/08.

    The play takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama in 1935, at the height of the Depression. Please prepare appropriately for the era, the movement, language and  southern accents for the play.

    • Heck Tate: White Male, 50s. Town sheriff. A complex man whose true feelings should be an undercurrent to his earlier actions.
    • Atticus Finch: White Male, 50. Father to Scout and Jem. A country lawyer. Reserved, quietly courageous, looking to do what he considers "just."
    • Mr. Gilmer: White Male, 40. The public prosecutor. Though seeming cruel and hurtful in manner, he has doubts as to Tom's guilt. Nevertheless, he goes after a conviction and it is a hard thing.
    • Maudie Atkinson: White Female, 40's. Narrator of the play. A bit younger than Atticus. A lovely sensitive woman.
    • Bob Ewell: White Male, 50. Bantom-cock of a man with a large family, no money and no respect in town. He thinks this trial will make him important. He is full of rage and frustration.
    • Reverend Sykes: Black Male. 50's-60’s. A king minister with a strong "minister's" voice.
    • Mrs. Dubose: White Female 60's-70’s. An old woman. Thin, drawn and very bitter. Battling an illness.
    • Stephanie Crawford: White Female, 40's. The town gossip who loves to stir things up.
    • Walter Cunningham: White Male, 40's Hard up farmer, leads the riot but also backs off and shows some dignity when forced.
    • Judge Taylor: White Male, 40. The public prosecutor. Though seeming cruel and hurtful in manner, he has doubts as to Tom's guilt. Nevertheless, he goes after a conviction and it is a hard thing.
    • Mayella: White Female. 19. Oldest daughter of Bob Ewell, she is desperately lonely and overworked. Her need for companionship has overwhelmed every other emotion so when this effort to connect explodes in her face, she fights desperately for what she thinks is survival.
    • Calpurnia: Black Female, 50. The cook in the Finch household. Black, proud and capable. Self educated with high standards and uncompromising discipline.
    • Tom Robinson: Black Male, 25-40. Handsome and honest. He has a crippled left hand which he holds against his chest. He faces up to a false charge with dignity, and has an undercurrent of kindness, sensitivity and consideration.
    • Boo Radley: White. Male. 30's. Large and strong. Still has the mind of a child, a pale recluse who is uncertain of how to deal with people.
    • Dill : White Boy, able to play 10-12. Small, blond and wise beyond his years with an undercurrent of sophistication. Based on Truman Capote.
    • Jem: White Boy, able to play 10-12. Scout’s older brother. Most desires to communicate with his father.
    • Scout: (Jean Louise Finch) White girl, able to play 9 or 10. Self assured, inquisitive. Can be older but reads younger.


    By William Shakespeare. Director: TBA.
    1st Rehearsal 12/09, Opens 2/06, Closes 3/07.

    • Mistress Ford: Female 40-50. Married to Ford and a friend of Mistress Page. When she and Mistress Page receive a seductive letter from Falstaff, they decide to lead him on and ruin him. Wise and witty.
    • Mistress Page: Female 40-50. Married to Page and a friend of Mistress Ford. When she and Mistress Ford receive a seductive letter from Falstaff, they decide to lead him on and ruin him. Wise and Witty.
    • Falstaff: Male 50-60 – An old fat knight. Very funny. Big booming voice.
    • Master Ford: Male 40-50 – A jealous husband. Acerbic wit. Very funny.
    • Master Page: Male 40-60. Husband of Mistress Page. His easygoing attitude makes him look like a wonderful husband, but he has other problems. He and his wife disagree about who should marry their daughter Anne.
    • Dr. Caius: Male 30-40 – French doctor. Outlandish accent. Always wants to fight. Comic.
    • Sir Hugh Evans: Male 40-60. Welsh comic. Local clergyman. He's Welsh, so he speaks in an accent that the other English citizens find very amusing. They make fun of him constantly for it.
    • Host: Male Older character. Host of the Garter Inn, the Host makes fun of Evans and Caius's broken and accented English, so they decide to get back at him by tricking him.
    • Justice Shallow: Male 60-70’s comic character. Bumbling old man.
    • Mistress Quickly: Female 40-70’s Comic character. Mistress Quickly chronically misunderstands or mishears other people, hearing sexually charged conversations where there are none.
    • Anne Page: Female 20’s. Daughter of Page and Mistress Page, Anne is sought for marriage by an array of idiots, including Caius and Slender
    • Fenton: Male 20’s A handsome suitor for Anne Page's hand.
    • Slender: Male 20-35 clown. The comic suitor for Anne Page's hand. He is unable to speak anything but nonsense to Anne.
    • Bardolph: Any age. Gruff low-born comic. One of Falstaff's men. A drunk.
    • Nym : Any age. Gruff low-born comic. One of Falstaff's men. A conniver.
    • Pistol: Any age. Gruff low-born comic. One of Falstaff's men. A braggart.
    • Simple: Male 20’s. Stupid servant.
    • Rugby: Male 20’s. Loyal. Stupid servant.
    • Robin: Male. very young. Able to play 8-14. Falstaff’s page. Cute and funny. Tries to be like Falstaff, but learns to be a better person, from Mistress Page.



    King of France/ Hostess Quickly
    Henry V/Dauphin
    Katherine/Montjoy/ Boy


    Weekly Salaries - AEA (Union) SPT 9: $586, Non-Union: $378
    By William Shakespeare. Director: Jim Helsinger.
    1st Rehearsal 1/27, Opens 2/20, Closes 3/22.

    7 actors perform Shakespeare’s Henry V, playing multiple roles.  Please prepare British characters with lower or upper class British accents as appropriate, and French characters with slight French accents.

    • Actor 1: Henry/Dauphin/Ensemble: Male, 25-35, athletic leading man. Henry – An earnest young man who learns the sacrifices that come with being King. Dauphin – an arrogant foolish Prince.
    • Actor 2: Canterbury/Bardolph/Ensemble: Male 50s-60s, older character man. Canterbury – a manipulative clever priest. Bardolph – a drunken but lovable thief, lower class cockney.
    • Actor 3: Pistol/Orleans/Ensemble: Male 40s-50s, tall character man. Pistol – a braggart and liar with a big mouth, lower class cockney. Orleans – a loyal French Lord.
    • Actor 4: Exeter/Williams/Ensemble: Male 30-40, strong, solid build. Exeter – A strong loyal lord and soldier for Henry. Williams – a lower class soldier in Henry’s army.
    • Actor 5: Bedford/Nym/Ensemble: Male 45-60s, short character man. Bedford – Loyal uncle to Henry. Nym – a knife wielding but lovable thief, lower class Cockney.
    • Actor 6: Fluellen/Constable of France/Ensemble Male 30-50. Fluellen – a loyal and proud Welsh soldier, Welsh accent. Constable of France – a pragmatic but proud leader.
    • Actor 7: Katherine/Montjoy/Ensemble: Female 25-35, young ingénue. Katherine – young innocent princess, speaks only French. Montjoy – A French herald, who has a growing respect for Henry and the English.
    • Actor 8: Quickly/French King/Ensemble: Female 50s-60s. older character woman. Quickly – an old tavern and brothel owner, lower class cockney. French King – a wise King who yearns to be free of England but has been defeated by them many times before.
    Becky & Linda
    Louis & Becky
    Molly & Abby
    Molly & Linda
    Walter & Louis


    Weekly Salaries: AEA (Union) SPT 7: $462, Non-Union: $320
    Written by Jennifer Hoppe-House . Director: TBA
    1st Rehearsal 3/17, Opens 4/10, Closes 5/3.

    • Molly Drexler: 40 years old. Bright but tough, she has only grown up by force. Humor shields her from shame. She is the kind of woman who constantly has lipstick on her teeth and coffee on her shirt, but is comfortable with that.
    • Walter Drexler : Molly’s father, 72 years old. Trim, neat and elegant. A New York native and a self-made man who only sees the world in terms of how it affects him.
    • Lois Drexler: Molly’s mother, 70 years old. An anxious but fiercely independent woman who doesn’t hear her volume most of the time. She yells “Good morning” and worries assertively to show love.
    • Becky Davis: Molly’s oldest sister, 50 years old, twenty pounds overweight. Kind at heart but restless by nature. Would love to have more but doesn’t know how to get it.
    • Linda Drexler: Molly’s middle sister, 47 years old. Successful but insecure. She uses humor to judge.
    • Sondra Drexler: Walter’s second wife, 65 years old. Slightly Latino. Uneducated but defiant in all her opinions, she sorely lacks a warm bone in her body, even when she attempts to nurture. Works hard to look the part of a country club wife (while denying her Latin roots).
    • Abby Cory: Molly’s wife, 37 years old. A grownup. Strong, warm, self-assured and very perceptive. She is a rock, capable of taking care of herself, sensitive to what others need, but because she's a therapist, she knows a bit too much for her own good.
    • Larry/Cop/Contractor: (One male actor who plays 3 roles) Cop: 40s, just a guy doing his job; Larry Kaufman: a lawyer, 40s, Contractor - Carlos Fuentes: Latino, 30s
    Prince's Apprentice
    Rapunzel & Witch
    Witch & Plumber


    Local actors only, Non-Union, Weekly Salary - $320
    Written by Brandon Roberts. Director: Brad Deplanche.
    1st Rehearsal 6/3, Opens 6/21, Closes 7/27.

    • Plumber: (character actor to play a man in his 30s-50s) The somewhat meek and bedraggled husband, father and proprietor of "Prince's Plumbing." Loves his family, and will do anything to secure their happiness, even if it means making a pact with the witch next door.
    • Rapunzel: (actor to play young girl ages 12-19) Daughter to the Plumber and his wife. A "tomboy" who loves her family, but sees beyond the expectations that all girls must wear pink and play with dolls. She is clever, sharp and able to out-smart even the Old Hag.
    • Old Hag: (character actor to play an ageless witch) The witch who lives next door. With an appetite for eating children and a thirst for vengeful curses, she cannot help but rhyme. As wickedly-funny as she is wicked.
    • Prince's Apprentice: (actor to play a young man 15-25) The newly hired assistant to the Plumber, may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is highly resourceful and loyal to the end.

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    For casting consideration throughout the year, please submit your cover letter, headshot and resume to:
    Orlando Shakespeare Theater
    Attention: Casting
    812 East Rollins Street
    Orlando, FL 32803



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