Orlando Shakespeare Theater 2017-2018 Season Auditions by APPOINTMENT in Orlando, FL

Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 812 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803. Produced in partnership w/ UCF,  Artistic Director: Jim Helsinger, Managing Director: PJ Albert.

Weekly Salaries – AEA: SPT 7: $490; LOA/ LORT: $683 (16/17 rates, 17/18 rates pending).  NON-AEA: $320-$418 per week.  

Orlando Audition Dates and Times:

AEA (Union):

  • Monday 4/3/17 10am-6pm
    Lunch: break 1pm-2pm
    AEA (Union) by Appointment
    Accompanist provided
  • Tuesday 4/4/17 1pm-9pm
    Dinner: break 5pm-6pm
    AEA (Union) by Appointment
    Accompanist provided
  • Wednesday 4/5/17 10am-6pm
    Lunch: break 1pm-2pm
    AEA (Union) by Appointment
    Accompanist not provided


  • Monday 4/3/17 10am-6pm
    Lunch: break 1pm-2pm
    Non-Union by Appointment
    Accompanist provided
  • Tuesday 4/4/17 1pm-9pm
    Dinner: break 5pm-6pm
    Non-Union by Appointment
    Accompanist provided
  • Wednesday 4/5/17 10am-6pm
    Lunch: break 1pm-2pm
    Non-Union by Appointment
    Accompanist provided from 10am-1pm, No accompanist 2pm-6pm

 All local auditions will be held at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

– Appointments will be accepted for AEA and Non-Union actors on respective days.

– AEA (Union) actors without an appointment will be seen in the first available slot on any day.

– Non-Union walk-ups are welcomed but not guaranteed an audition

– AEA Union auditions will be held in NYC in May. For NYC auditions, you may submit via actorsaccess.com after April 20th, 2017 or attend the NYC AEA open call, dates and details to be announced.

– Sides will be available at orlandoshakes.org/auditions no later than Friday March 31st. Sides are for callbacks only.

– Phone calls will be accepted at 407-447-1700 ext. 252. Emails will be accepted at auditions@orlandoshakes.org.

Prepare 1 monologue only, not to exceed 2 minutes total. To audition for Man of La Mancha, singer/actors should additionally prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show. It is acceptable to sing a selection from the show. Dancing will only be required for La Mancha callbacks. Please bring TWO copies of your stapled headshot/resume. All roles available unless otherwise specified.

Callbacks: Man of La Mancha dance callbacks will be held on Monday, April 10th (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.–Men; 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.–Women) and Tuesday, April 11th (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.–Women; 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.–Men) by callback appointment only. Please be prepared to dance and sing. Women should wear character heels and men should wear dance sneakers or tennis shoes.

All other callbacks for acting will be held Wednesday, April 12th and Thursday, April 13th by callback appointment only. Sides and sheet music for callbacks will be available at www.orlandoshakes.org/auditions by March 31st. Reader provided.

Cross-gender and color conscious casting:  Orlando Shakespeare Theater encourages cross-gender and color conscious casting.  Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are STRONGLY encouraged to attend our auditions.

Please contact auditions@orlandoshakes.org with questions.

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For casting consideration throughout the year, please submit your cover letter, headshot, and resume to:
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Attention: Casting
812 East Rollins Street
Orlando, FL 32803

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Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)
Written by Dale Wasserman, Music by Mitch Leigh, Lyrics by Joe Darion
Director: Nick DeGruccio, Choreographer: TBA, Music Director: Steve MacKinnon
1st reh: 8/15/17. Runs 9/8-10/8/17. Margeson Theater

ROLE IS CAST. Male. 50s. Baritone to F (B2-F4). an actor, playwright, would-be knight. The errant knight, who only sees the good in life. Refuses to see the evil in the world. He’s either crazy or the sanest of all.

Male. 40s-50s. Comic Tenor - Middle C3 to G4. Very loyal. He has served Quixote/Cervantes for many years and is devoted to him, even with all his vagaries. He is able to see the humor in situations, even in the midst of all of the travail they face.

The following are all prisoners but take on the following roles in acting out Don Quixote’s play. The prisoners also play various Guards and Men of the Inquisition.

Female. mid-30s-40s. Soprano G#3/Ab3 to G#5/Ab5 with Belt. Raw, gutsy and sexy. The kitchen wench/prostitute who Don Quixote falls in love with and tries to make a lady. She believes him, until she is brutally attacked by other prisoners.

Male. 40s-60s. Bass -Low G2 to C#4/Db4 A large and powerful man, he is kind as the Innkeeper, but as the Governor, he is the powerful but fair leader of the inmate society in the prison.

Male. 30s-40s. Baritone Middle C up to Db(C3-C). Loves money, power and prestige. He thinks Don Quixote is a madman and insists that he comes home for treatment. As the character of the Duke, he is second in command in the inmate society.

Male. 40s- 50s. Tenor – up to G(C3-G4). Kindly, sympathetic cleric. Also plays the CAPTAIN OF THE INQUISITION, a large, imposing and cruel man.

Male. 40s 50s. Mezzo F4 to F5. Innkeeper’s wife. Strong of body and religious/moral convictions. Loves Quixote and worries about him and his state of mind.

ANTONIA - Mezzo C4 to F5. Alonso’s niece
FEMINA – Mezzo. A servant girl/dancer.

The muleteers (20s-40s) are a rough, tough group. Except for the Barber, all have a taunting, vicious streak.

- BARBER/PACO - MULETEER - Tenor D up to G(G3-D4). Comic character as barber though also plays a rough muleteer.

- PEDRO/MULETEER - Baritone D to D. Lead muleteer, the roughest and most ruthless of all.

- ANSELMO/MULETEER/also plays the Moor- Tenor C to Bb.

- JOSE/MULETEER – Bass Baritone.

- JUAN/MULETEER – Baritone.

- TENORIO/MULETEER/also plays CONTOUR-Tenor F to Ab


Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)
Adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel by Steven Canny and John Nicholson
Director Jim Helsinger
1st reh: 9/19/17. Runs 10/13-11/19/17. Goldman Theater

Actor 1 - Holmes/Stapleton/Cecile Stapleton/Mr. Barrymore/Mrs. Barrymore/Yokel 3:
Holmes: The Greatest Detective of All Time. / Stapleton: Wicked-looking, with an eye-patch and a terrible limp. Scheming manipulative. / Cecile Stapleton: Latin beauty. Terrified of her husband. / Mr. & Mrs. Barrymore: The domestic help of the Baskervilles. Eager, Earnest. / Yokel: Village person. A psycho with a horse on the rope. Seeking strong comic lead actor familiar with quick changes and playing multiple characters in a small cast play.

Actor 2 - Watson/Yokel:
Watson: Second banana to Holmes. May appear dim-witted to Holmes’ brilliance. / Yokel: Paired with Yokel 2 as guys who watch people come to town. Seeking strong comic character actor.

Actor 3 - Sir Henry Baskerville/Sir Charles Baskerville/Mortimer/Cabbie/Yokel 2/Wise Yokel:
Sir Henry: a small, alert, dark-eyed man about thirty years of age, very sturdily built. / Sir Charles: Dies at top of the show, running for his life. / Mortimer: Family friend and doctor to the Baskervilles. Solicits the help of Holmes to solve the case. / Cabbie: Working-class cab driver. / Yokel 2: Townsperson. Carries a “lamb in a bag.” / Wise Yokel: The “wisest of the yokels.” Seeking strong comic lead actor familiar with quick changes and playing multiple characters in a small cast play.


Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)
By Joe Landry
Director Melissa Mason Braillard
1st reh: 11/13/17. Runs: 12/1-12/31/17. Margeson Theater

Note: All of the actors play multiple roles in a live 1940s radio broadcast of the holiday classic. All must be strong character actors.

Freddie Filmore
Male. 40s-50s. Full of charm, well-polished, self-assured with a bit of an ego. Plays many of the older men, including Mr. Potter (the bad guy) and Uncle Billy. He is the WBFR announcer. Must have an impeccable 1940s “announcer” voice.

Jake Laurents
Male. Late 20s-30s. Genuine and idealistic, the underdog that everyone wants to win in the end. Handsome, but a bit uncomfortable with his own physicality. Characters include George Bailey.

Sally Applewhite
Female. 20s-30s. Wholesome, smart, funny, and sweetly beautiful. Once she falls in love, it’s forever. Sally is a recently crowned Miss Ohio. Characters include Mary Hatch, George’s wife.

Lana Sherwood
Female. 30s-40s. A glamorous character actress who has heard and seen it all. Must be able to play the small town siren to various matronly characters. Characters include Violet, Mrs. Thompson, and ZuZu.

Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood
Male. 30s-50s. Likeable and lovable. A former vaudeville performer with great physicality who must capture the iconic charm of Clarence, the Angel who saves George’s life on Christmas eve.


Salaries: AEA SPT 7 $490 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)
By Karen Zacarías
Director Cynthia White
1st reh: 12/12/17. Runs 1/5-2/4/18. Goldman Theater

Tania Del Valle
Female. Latina. Late 20s-30s. Doctoral student. Nearly 8-months pregnant, from New Mexico with some knowledge of Spanish. Seeking grounded comic actor.

Pablo Del Valle
Male. 30s. Latino. Lawyer. Chilean immigrant who wants to build a future for his family. Fluent in Spanish. Seeking grounded comic actor.

Virginia Butley
Female. 55–65. Engineer at Lockheed-Martin. Social and mature woman who stands by her husband and isn't afraid to politely but firmly fight for what she believes is right. Seeking grounded comic actor.

Frank Butley
Male. 55–65. Consultant. Strives to maintain and build upon his professional relationships while living comfortably with his wife. Gardens to relieve stress. Seeking grounded comic character actor.



Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)

(performed on alternating nights, actors will be in both shows)
1st reh: 1/2/18. Runs 2/9-3/25/18.

Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Director: Richard Garner

Will Shakespeare
Male. 20s-30s. Young romantic lead. Poet and Playwright, He is struggling to write a new play, married but estranged. He is looking for a muse to satisfy his creativity.

Kit Marlowe
Male. 20s-30s. Colleague and friend to Will, and gives inspiration from time to time.

Male. 40s-50s. Comic Character. Owner and manager of the Rose Theatre. Owes money to Fennyman, sold Two Gents to Burbage without Will’s consent. He’s in over his head in debt.

Male. 40s-50s. The Money. Finances Henslowe’s production of Shakespeare’s new play. In it for the money till he is offered a role.

Lord Wessex
Male. 30s-40s. Entitled, conniving lord. Has title but needs a financial stimulus to back it. Betrothed to Viola. Very jealous of his fiance’s dealings with other men.

Richard Burbage
Male. 30s-40s. Lead actor of the Chamberlain’s men. He is rivaling the Rose theatre and was promised Will’s new play. He doesn’t play nice when things aren’t done his way.

Edmund Tilney/Sir Robert de Lesseps
Male. 50s-60s. Tilney: The Lord Chamberlain. He is all about obeying the statutes laid for the theatre. Against women on the stage. / Sir Robert de Lesseps: Viola’s Father. Wants title for his family and agrees to promise his daughter to Lord Wessex.

Queen Elizabeth I/Molly
Female. 50s. Elizabeth I: Queen of England, loves theatre, especially if there’s a dog. /Molly: tavern whore

Viola de Lesseps
Female. 20s-30s. Strong willed, passionate woman, aspiring to act in a world devoid of female actors. She disguises herself as actor Thomas Kent.

Female. 40s-50s. Nurse: Servant to Viola.

Ned Alleyn
Male. 30s. Leading man type, lead actor of the Admiral’s Men, plays Mercutio. Very confident in himself.

Male. 20s. Robin: Novice Actor, plays Lady Capulet. / Frees: Fennyman’s Henchman.

Adam: novice actor. / Boatman: Has known Viola for a long time. Sees through her disguise as Kent and thinks nothing of it. Also plays various instruments.

Male. 20s. Ralph: novice actor, plays Nurse and Petruchio

Male. 20s. Nol: novice actor. Also plays various instruments.

Male. 50s-60s. Lambert: Fennyman’s Henchman. / Sir Robert de Lesseps: Viola’s Father. Wants title for his family and agrees to promise his daughter to Lord Wessex.

Male. late teens/early 20’s. Sam: actor, plays Juliet. Alluded to have higher pitched voice as “they” have not “dropped” yet, very fair looking.

Male. 20s.Peter: actor, plays Tybalt

John Webster
Male youth. 10-15 years old. John Webster: a quirky street urchin, aspires to be a player.

Male. 20s. / Wabash: novice actor, Henslowe’s stammering tailor. / Prince: plays Prince in “Romeo and Juliet.”

Mistress Quickly/Kate
Female. 30s-40s. Mistress Quickly: Wardrobe mistress. /Kate: tavern whore

By William Shakespeare
Director Ben Crystal

This production will be set in the Elizabethan era using an all masculine-gendered cast playing both male and female roles. The play will be set as if in the Blackfriars Theatre in 1608, using Elizabethan dress, original pronunciation, and lit by candlelight. Seeking actors with strong Shakespearean skills, physically fit, and ideally singers, too. No specific accent required for auditions.

Duke Orsino
Man. 20s-40s. Strong leading man. Regal, wealthy, stern, romantic yet cerebral, a dreamer, loves the idea of being in love.

Actor playing a woman playing a man. Early to mid 20s. Plays a boy (Cesario) for most of the performance (pants role), twin to Sebastian, passionate, poetic, highly intelligent, hard working, regal yet earthy, thoughtful, honest, romantic. Seeking masculine-gendered actor who can convincingly play the female leading role.

Man. 20s-40s. Comic actor. Olivia’s clown, keeps a low profile, good at his job, open to having fun.

Actor playing a woman. 20s-40s. A proud, beautiful, sensual, focused, Duchess, who surprises herself. At the beginning of the play, in mourning for the loss of a brother. Seeking a masculine-gendered actor who can convincingly play the second female leading role.

Man. mid 20s-50s. Olivia’s fool, strong music background and must be able to sing, ideally play an instrument. Independent, wise beyond his years, loves Olivia like a daughter (though she may be older than him), has been with the family for years. Comic clown.

Man. 30s-50s. Dedicated, loyal, cynical, puritanical, analytical. Sardonic. Steward of the house - at the top of the ‘beneath the stairs’ folk. Dry Comic Clown

Sir Toby Belch
Man. 20s-60s. Uncle of Olivia, drunk at least since her brother died. Falls in love with Maria, larger than life (but not necessarily physically as well as temperamentally), free spirit, charming, loveable, enjoys drinking, wicked sense of humor. Broke but uses Aguecheek for his money. Must sing. Braggart clown.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Man. 20s-40s. Associate of Toby Belch, shy, timid bordering on being scared of his own shadow. Well meaning but foolish, insecure, A suitor to Olivia. Must sing. Silly comic clown.

Actor playing a woman. 20s-40s. Olivia’s maid, but under the Stewardship of Malvolio. Falls in love with Toby Belch. Smart, witty, cunning, dedicated to Olivia.

Man. 20s-30s. Attendant to Orsino. Sent to Olivia as a messenger of love, but she refuses to allow him to speak to her.

Man. Any age. Sea Captain. Loyal, courageous, forthright. Rescues Sebastian and becomes very fond of him. The bond may appear romantic in nature. Experienced in war, and considered an enemy to Illyria.

Man. Early to mid 20s. Ruled by his emotions. Probably bi-sexual. Impulsive. Long-lost twin brother to Viola.


Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)
by William Shakespeare
This production will be a modern dress production using a feminine-gendered cast playing both male and female roles. For auditions, actors may choose to play any character as male or female.

Director: TBD
1st reh: 3/6/18. Runs 3/30-4/29/18.

40-55. Strong Shakespearean Lead Actor. An Athenian lord and former military leader, Timon is known for indiscriminate generosity to friends and servants. When Timon runs out of money, Timon’s false “friends” do not assist and Timon becomes disillusioned with humanity.

APEMANTUS/Messenger/Banquet Guest/Prisoner/Servant to Varro
40-65: An extremely cynical misanthrope. Apemantus always refuses to accept Timon’s gifts; never lies and never attempts to flatter Timon.

25-40: Athenian captain, good friend to Timon. A person of honor, Alcibiades has been exiled from Athens for defending the life of a murderer; vows to conquer Athens in revenge.

30-45. An honest steward who warns Timon of his/her dwindling wealth. Remains loyal throughout the play.

SEMPRONIUS/Old Athenian/1st Senator/1st Thief
35–60. Sempronius - a flattering lord, one of Timon’s “fair weather” friends. / Old Athenian - a rich, upright, honorable and crusty old man with a healthy respect for his/her own position in life. / 1st Senator - an old person, refuses to help Timon when in need.

VENTIDIUS/Lucullus/2nd Senator/2nd Thief
35–60. Ventidius - One of Timon’s “friends” who has been imprisoned for debt. Timon loans Ventidius money to pay for freedom, but then doesn’t return the favor. / Lucullus - one of Timon’s “fair weather” friends. / 2nd Senator - an old person, refuses to help Timon when he is in need.

20s-40s. Poet seeks to please Timon for patronage. / Timandra - a harlot. / Caphis - a servant to one of Timon’s creditors.

PAINTER/Phynia/Titus/2nd Stranger/Servant to Isidore/Guard/Senator
20s-40s. Painter seeks to please Timon for patronage. / Phynia - a harlot. / Titus - servant to one of Timon’s creditors.