Seeking non-union actors for understudy positions

Auditions for the 2018-2019 season

Our next season auditions will be held locally in Orlando in April 2018, and in NYC in May 2018.  For local auditions, please join our mailing list and more details will be emailed to you when exact dates are announced.  For NYC auditions, you may submit via actorsaccess.com when the NYC auditions are posted in April, after exact dates in May are announced.  Our 18-19 season shows will be announced in February. Join of facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/orlandoshakes/ for more information as it is announced.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater is currently seeking non-union actors for understudy positions in our Children’s and Signature Series. To be considered, please email a current headshot and resume to anneh@orlandoshakes.org.

In your email, please include the following information:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Height
  • Singing vocal range
  • Productions in which you are interested and available
Understudies attend scheduled rehearsals, receive a stipend to defray transportation costs, and are expected to be available during the run of the production.

Cross-gender and color conscious casting:  Orlando Shakespeare Theater encourages cross-gender and coplor conscious casting.  Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are STRONGLY encouraged to attend our auditions.

Please contact auditions@orlandoshakes.org with questions.

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For casting consideration throughout the year, please submit your cover letter, headshot, and resume to:
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Attention: Casting
812 East Rollins Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Sides are posted year-round in case replacement casting is needed

Auditions for the 2017-2018 season are now closed.


Dog needed for the role of “SPOT” in Orlando Shake’s production of Shakespeare in Love. Auditions will be held at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center (812 E Rollins St Orlando, FL 32803) the following dates and times:

Tuesday January 2, 2018 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday January 6, 2018 from 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m.

Pay is $1,000 stipend. Please contact auditions@orlandoshakes.org for an appointment time and full details. We can email a complete listing of rehearsals, duties, etc.

The dog can be as small as a chihuahua or as large as a golden retriever. Needs to be friendly with strangers and be able to take commands from specific actors onstage and be able to perform the following tricks: heel and follow, run, sit and stay (not be distracted). Dog is on leash for most scenes.

Shakespeare in Love rehearses January 2-February 6 and performs February 7-March 25.




by Tom Stoppard

Adapted from the Oscar winning film. Young playwright Will Shakespeare is stuck. He is overdue in finishing his latest play—a half-baked mess of a comedy called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter. He finds his muse in Viola de Lesseps, who is driven to do anything—even disguise herself as a man—to fulfill her dream of performing onstage, where no women are permitted. Surrounded by familiar players, including Queen Elizabeth herself, backstage antics collide with on stage dramas. Will and Viola’s passionate, forbidden love affair goes on to inspire Shakespeare’s masterpiece—the most romantic tragedy ever written.

JOHN WEBSTER (10-14 years old) Male youth. A quirky street urchin, aspires to be a player.



These roles have been filled. Sides will remain posted on the website in case a replacement is needed.


Salaries: AEA LOA $683 (16/17 rate, 17/18 rate pending)

(performed on alternating nights, actors will be in both shows)
1st reh: 1/2/18. Runs 2/9-3/25/18.

Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Director: Richard Garner

Will Shakespeare
Male. 20s-30s. Young romantic lead. Poet and Playwright, He is struggling to write a new play, married but estranged. He is looking for a muse to satisfy his creativity.

Kit Marlowe
Male. 20s-30s. Colleague and friend to Will, and gives inspiration from time to time.

Male. 40s-50s. Comic Character. Owner and manager of the Rose Theatre. Owes money to Fennyman, sold Two Gents to Burbage without Will’s consent. He’s in over his head in debt.

Male. 40s-50s. The Money. Finances Henslowe’s production of Shakespeare’s new play. In it for the money till he is offered a role.

Lord Wessex
Male. 30s-40s. Entitled, conniving lord. Has title but needs a financial stimulus to back it. Betrothed to Viola. Very jealous of his fiance’s dealings with other men.

Richard Burbage
Male. 30s-40s. Lead actor of the Chamberlain’s men. He is rivaling the Rose theatre and was promised Will’s new play. He doesn’t play nice when things aren’t done his way.

Edmund Tilney/Sir Robert de Lesseps
Male. 50s-60s. Tilney: The Lord Chamberlain. He is all about obeying the statutes laid for the theatre. Against women on the stage. / Sir Robert de Lesseps: Viola’s Father. Wants title for his family and agrees to promise his daughter to Lord Wessex.

Queen Elizabeth I/Molly
Female. 50s. Elizabeth I: Queen of England, loves theatre, especially if there’s a dog. /Molly: tavern whore

Viola de Lesseps
Female. 20s-30s. Strong willed, passionate woman, aspiring to act in a world devoid of female actors. She disguises herself as actor Thomas Kent.

Female. 40s-50s. Nurse: Servant to Viola.

Ned Alleyn
Male. 30s. Leading man type, lead actor of the Admiral’s Men, plays Mercutio. Very confident in himself.

Male. 20s. Robin: Novice Actor, plays Lady Capulet. / Frees: Fennyman’s Henchman.

Adam: novice actor. / Boatman: Has known Viola for a long time. Sees through her disguise as Kent and thinks nothing of it. Also plays various instruments.

Male. 20s. Ralph: novice actor, plays Nurse and Petruchio

Male. 20s. Nol: novice actor. Also plays various instruments.

Male. 50s-60s. Lambert: Fennyman’s Henchman. / Sir Robert de Lesseps: Viola’s Father. Wants title for his family and agrees to promise his daughter to Lord Wessex.

Male. late teens/early 20’s. Sam: actor, plays Juliet. Alluded to have higher pitched voice as “they” have not “dropped” yet, very fair looking.

Male. 20s.Peter: actor, plays Tybalt

John Webster
Male youth. 10-15 years old. John Webster: a quirky street urchin, aspires to be a player.

Male. 20s. / Wabash: novice actor, Henslowe’s stammering tailor. / Prince: plays Prince in “Romeo and Juliet.”

Mistress Quickly/Kate
Female. 30s-40s. Mistress Quickly: Wardrobe mistress. /Kate: tavern whore

By William Shakespeare
Director Ben Crystal

This production will be set in the Elizabethan era using an all masculine-gendered cast playing both male and female roles. The play will be set as if in the Blackfriars Theatre in 1608, using Elizabethan dress, original pronunciation, and lit by candlelight. Seeking actors with strong Shakespearean skills, physically fit, and ideally singers, too. No specific accent required for auditions.

Duke Orsino
Man. 20s-40s. Strong leading man. Regal, wealthy, stern, romantic yet cerebral, a dreamer, loves the idea of being in love.

Actor playing a woman playing a man. Early to mid 20s. Plays a boy (Cesario) for most of the performance (pants role), twin to Sebastian, passionate, poetic, highly intelligent, hard working, regal yet earthy, thoughtful, honest, romantic. Seeking masculine-gendered actor who can convincingly play the female leading role.

Man. 20s-40s. Comic actor. Olivia’s clown, keeps a low profile, good at his job, open to having fun.

Actor playing a woman. 20s-40s. A proud, beautiful, sensual, focused, Duchess, who surprises herself. At the beginning of the play, in mourning for the loss of a brother. Seeking a masculine-gendered actor who can convincingly play the second female leading role.

Man. mid 20s-50s. Olivia’s fool, strong music background and must be able to sing, ideally play an instrument. Independent, wise beyond his years, loves Olivia like a daughter (though she may be older than him), has been with the family for years. Comic clown.

Man. 30s-50s. Dedicated, loyal, cynical, puritanical, analytical. Sardonic. Steward of the house - at the top of the ‘beneath the stairs’ folk. Dry Comic Clown

Sir Toby Belch
Man. 20s-60s. Uncle of Olivia, drunk at least since her brother died. Falls in love with Maria, larger than life (but not necessarily physically as well as temperamentally), free spirit, charming, loveable, enjoys drinking, wicked sense of humor. Broke but uses Aguecheek for his money. Must sing. Braggart clown.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Man. 20s-40s. Associate of Toby Belch, shy, timid bordering on being scared of his own shadow. Well meaning but foolish, insecure, A suitor to Olivia. Must sing. Silly comic clown.

Actor playing a woman. 20s-40s. Olivia’s maid, but under the Stewardship of Malvolio. Falls in love with Toby Belch. Smart, witty, cunning, dedicated to Olivia.

Man. 20s-30s. Attendant to Orsino. Sent to Olivia as a messenger of love, but she refuses to allow him to speak to her.

Man. Any age. Sea Captain. Loyal, courageous, forthright. Rescues Sebastian and becomes very fond of him. The bond may appear romantic in nature. Experienced in war, and considered an enemy to Illyria.

Man. Early to mid 20s. Ruled by his emotions. Probably bi-sexual. Impulsive. Long-lost twin brother to Viola.