The Man Behind the Legends

Antony and Cleopatra director Joseph Discher answers questions about his past work and Orlando Shakes‘ current production: OST: Tell us a little bit about your past work in theatre? JD: I’ve been directing for twenty-five years, primarily Shakespeare and classical theater, though recently I have been working on new plays. I also love working on American Read More

Leading Talent On and Off Stage

In Orlando Shakes’ production of Love’s Labour’s Lost, Jim Helsinger, Artistic Director at Orlando Shakes, takes on the role of Don Armando de Armado. I recently got the opportunity to speak with Jim about his role and what it feels like to be back on stage. OST: Can you describe your character in Love’s Labour’s Read More

Justice With a Side of Hilarity

With the 9th Annual John R. Hamilton Mock Trial scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Advocates Kimberly A. Ashby, partner at Foley and Lardner LLP, and Nicholas A. Shannin, Esq. are busy investigating the facts and gathering evidence. This year’s trial will be the Senate Confirmation Hearing of Ferdinand, the King of Navarre (from Love’s Read More

From Intern to Leading Lady

This Orlando Shakes spotlight falls on Kathryn Miller soon to be performing in the Theater’s production of The Great Gatsby as Daisy Buchanan. Before stepping foot on an Orlando Shakes stage, Miller was a core company actor at a non-equity Shakespeare company in Pennsylvania for three years. A few of the roles she took on during her time Read More

Alzheimer’s: From Patient to Caregiver

What you need to know about "Blackberry Winter," Alzheimer's, and the resources available to you.

In Blackberry Winter, Vivienne struggles with caring for her mother, an Alzheimer’s patient whose condition is showing signs of deterioration. In some of Steve Yockey’s most poignant writing to date, she confesses and confronts the myriad challenges of caring for someone who is vanishing slowly before her very eyes. Playwright Steve Yockey on “Blackberry Winter” during the New Rep Read More