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A Shakespearean Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is merely a madness.

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?” Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Give your loved ones a creative gift inspired by history’s greatest love poet, William Shakespeare. 10 Shakespeare Inspired Gifts See Shakespeare in Love – Use our Sweetheart Special to celebrate your favorite theater Read More

Meet the Gardeners of “Native Gardens”

An Interview with Actors Aléa Figueroa and Michael Edwards

Orlando Shakes spoke with actors Aléa Figueroa and Michael Edwards, who play Tania and Frank respectively in Native Gardens. Despite their characters’ blossoming feud, these two gardeners grow to understand each other. OST: Describe Native Gardens in three words. Aléa Figueroa: Love thy neighbor. Michael Edwards: Social. Conflict. Care. OST: List three ways your characters, Read More

Plant Your Own “Native Garden”

Learn about Floridian foliage with Eric L. Schmidt of Harry P. Leu Gardens.

Best Florida Native Plants Looking to cultivate your own “native garden,” like Tania in Native Gardens? Get to the root of successful gardening by planting native Floridian foliage! Orlando Shakes spoke with Eric L. Schmidt, Harry P. Leu Gardens’ botanical records and plant guru, to learn about Floridian plants, so you can exercise your own Read More

Gift an Orlando Experience

In today’s material world it can feel like you’re drowning in stuff you don’t need! Millennials are fighting our fast paced commercial culture by investing in experiences over material possessions. This holiday season, give something beyond traditional presents. Enrich the lives of your loved ones by giving them an experience in Central Florida! See a Read More

The Golden Years of Radio

The Foundation of American Entertainment

Before television, immersive radio dramas were a favorite source of entertainment for the whole family! In 1938, Orson Welles broadcast a dramatic interpretation of War of the Worlds that was so realistic it caused a “nationwide panic”, as listeners thought aliens were truly invading Earth. From sci-fi’s to soap operas, a wide variety of radio Read More