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Orlando Shakespeare Theater would like to thank all of our donors for their generous contributions. This season we will be acknowledging donations in our program inserts to allow us to recognize donors up to the date of that production. The gifts listed below were received between June 2012 and July 2013, and represent United Arts contributions for both 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons. We would also like to acknowledge our twenty-five year partnership with the University of Central Florida.

Producer $25,000 and higher

Harriett Lake
Rita and John Lowndes
Ken and Trisha Margeson
Mr. Frank Santos and Mr. Dan Dantin
Valerie and Jim Shapiro
The Bryce L. West Foundation
Orlando Shakespeare Theater Guild

Director $24,999 - $10,000

Lyn and David Berelsman
Coleman and Ingrid Cordell
Suzanne E. Gilbert
Siegmund I. and Marilyn Goldman in Honor of Steve Goldman and Julie Goldman Klein
Eric and Angel Hissom
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mandell
A. Brian Phillips, P.A.
Albert and Lisa Prast
Alexis  Pugh
Helen C. Routhier
Kathryn Chicone Ustler
Penny and Tom Yochum

Director $9,999 - $5,000

Gordon and Susan Arkin
FX Design Group
Steve Goldman and Melanie Love
Ford W. Kiene and Jennifer Quigley
Jack Lord and Adam Hunter
Dr. Mary Palmer
Ron and Pat Strasberg
In Memory of Ted Toohey - Deborah & Garritt Toohey
Leighton and Phyllis Yates

Stage Manager $4,999 - $2,500

Carol-Lynn and Frank Bevc
Lori and Thomas Cleary
Teresa and Jay Colling
Ted B. Edwards
Michael Elsberry and Sally Blackmun
Andrea Massey-Farrell
Maureen and Mark Kennedy in Honor of Rita and John Lowndes
Christina Kotsonis
Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor and Reed
Paula and Michael Manchester
Daniel and Elizabeth McIntosh
Michael & Marian Peters
Ellen and Martin Prague
Michael and Theresa Ryan
Sy and Carolyn Saliba
Simon and Ellen Snyder
Ms. Cory L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Yarmuth

Star $2,499 - $1,000

David and Judy Albertson
Stephanie Albertson
Shep and Mindy Anders
Kim Ashby in Memory of Bob and Katy Ashby
Maria-Elena Augustin
Dr. Beth Barnes and Dr. John Crocitto
Susan Fox Beversluis
Shirley D. Bias
Matt and Alana Brenner
Ms. Stewart H. Brown
Al and Nancy Burnett Charitable Foundation
Laurie Burns
Tom and Kathy Cardwell Charitable Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Carlton Fields
Norah Carey Burke
O'Ann and Pat Christiansen
Drs. Jeff Cohen and Luci Belnick
Susan M. Connelly
Donovan and Mary Ann Dean
Mary L. Demetree
Richard and Terri Finkel
Jean and Richard Florell
Margaret B. Garland
Brad and Kerry Giedd
Mr. And Mrs. Alan Ginsburg
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hesse
John and Martha Hitt
Bill and Katie Hohns
Valerie and Eddie Insignares
Dean Johnson
Thomas Katheder
Mr. and Mrs. David Kennedy
Barbara and Giles Kemp
Jill Kling
Col. and Mrs. Robert and Jerilyn Kreps
Jacquelyn Lamberty in Memory of Harry Lamberty
Paula Leidich
Meredith E. Level
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Levin
Mara and Harvey Levitt
Bob and Mimi Lipka
Lowndes Family Fund
Jim Lussier and Nancy Jacobson
Robert and Julie Mandell
Jay and Alison McClelland
Bill and Ksenia Merck
Mark T. Middlebrook
Barry L. Miller
Jim and Cynthia Milligan in Honor of Jacklyn Wright
Arne and Deborah Nelson, Capt. Usn (Ret.)
Dick and Mary Nunis Charitable Gift Fund
Molly O'Neill
The Pabst Charitable Foundation for the Arts
Steve and Valerie Pickert
John and Rhonda Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Richmond
Sascha Rizzo
The Roper Family Foundation
Maria M. Rubin
John Daniel Ruffier
James and Judy Russell
John and Margaret Sanders
Rick Schell
Drs. David Smuckler and Maxine Tabas
JD Sutton
Blaine and Rebecca Sweatt
Kristina Tollefson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Warren
Mr. Wayne Wolfson
Ying Family Foundation

Lead $999 - $500

Amazon Hose & Rubber Company
Mr. and Mrs. Ambinder
Melissa Baker
Darryl M. Bloodworth
Dean Bosco
Dr. Chris Crotty and Ms. Janie Brownlee
Drs. Donald and Laurette Bryan
John and Dede Caron
Circque Du Soleil Global Citizenship Department
Bruce and Paula Collins
Karen Cox
Francie and Wayne Dear
Emily Dorff
Carol Drake
Semra Eichelberger
Jose and Mimi Fernandez
Miranda F. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Foreman
Laraine and Phil Frahm
PB&J Theatre Factory
Susanne M. Fruehauf in Honor of Elisabeth F. Prast
Barabra and Richard Fulton
Louise, Mike and Molly Garvey
Marcia A. Gillett
Fredel and Jim Goodrich
J. Charles Gray and Saundra H. Gray
Grant E. Gribble
Katherine Ho and Joey Sacco
Jack and Beth Isler
Marc and Henrietta Katzen
Thomas Paitson Kelly
Sam Kennedy
Ms. Peggy Kraemer
Susan Lawrence
Ms. Cynthia Layner
Mark & Noreen Levitt
Shelly Licorish
Carolyn Lord
Ms. Jennifer Lowndes and Mr. Timothy Boeth
Dr. Francille M. MacFarland, M.D.
Richard and Annette Manganel
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Martin
Craig and Jody Maughan
The Mendel Melzer and Rosemary Maher Charitable Fund
Donna M. Miller
Robin H. Murphy
Kenneth and Ann Hicks Murrah
Jeff and Erin Myers
Christopher Niess
Leslie K. O'Neal-Coble
Harry and Jackie Pappas
D.W. Phineas Perkins
Bob Phillips
Real Estate Strategies
Patricia Rixmann
Mr. Richard Russell and Mr. Thomas Ouellette
Rupe and Lisa Sidhu
Jean E. Siegfried
In Honor of Shakespeare for Children
Ron Stricklin
Robert Stuart
South Lake Montessori School
Warren and Susan Tedder in Honor of Alexis Pugh
John and Nancy-Lee Thompson
Judy Thompson
Klaudia Toohey
Joan and Harry Travis
Jerry and Barbara Twedt
Bickly Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolverton
Robert and Taylor (Simpson) Wood
George and Iris Young

Player $499 - $250 

Mrs. Rita Adler
Mr. Patrick Anderson
Phillip and Jennifer Anderson
Mr. David B. Baer
Kurtis T. Bauerle
Blaise Benoist
Rev. Dr. Benjamin A. Berinti
Carol Bressi-Cilona
Ginger Bryant
Sally S. Campfield
Sandra R. Carbone
Karne and Carl Carter
Cornerstone Class at the University of Central Florida
Danielle Courtenay
Mercia MacMichael
Judith M. Duda
Maurine Elliott
Mr and Mrs. Eshenroder
Judith and Norman Falkin
George S. Fender in Honor of American Military Forces
Kathryn Frahm
Ida Freeman
Lydia Gardner and John Terwilliger
Lynn and Teresa Gillam
Paul and Cathie Gips
Jill Golder
Shirley and Jack Guignard
John and Amanda Hatton
Martha O. Haynie
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hellinger, M.D.
John and Mary Ruth Houston
Jim Helsinger and Suzanne O'Donnell
Jan Huebner
Ms. Leslie Kinnaird
Fred Koberlein
Brian Kolka
Chris Jones
Rob and Wendy Landry
Ellen Lang
Linda Lindsey
Jay Yellen & Elizabeth Maupin
Dr. Margaret G. Miller and Mr. Charles E. Miller
Kristi Mitchell
William and Ede Nault
Lois A. Pettit
Computer Business Consultants, Inc.
Dr. Steven and Nancy Price
Janet H. Rapp
James and Beverly Rawlings
John and Louisa Reed
Rebecca and Ryan Rhoden
Dexter Richardson
Karen Rivett
Thomas and Elizabeth Roehlk
Sue Ruberti
Evelyn Santos
C. Scott Schmitt, Dmd Ms
Julie Scott
Mrs. Jean F. Schultz
Juliana M. Steele and Kenneth H. Johnson
Lauranne and Samuel Stephens
Phil and Melissa Sublette
Jackie and Rod Sward
Mr. Ed Timberlake
Katherine E. Timon
Phoebe and Eliot Rosewater
Debbey Von
Heather Walsh and David Sigalow
Beth Smith
James Warmus
Sarah Wasser and Family
Neil and Malka Webman
Patrica M. White
Ralph and Betsy Zaorski
Odd-O-Ts' Entertainment in Honor of All Those That Keep Us Performing!

Ensemble $.01 - $249

Peg Spellman
Mr. Fareez Abrahim
Enid & Kevin Ackbarali on Behalf of Kira Ackbarali Who Loves Theater and the Arts
Mrs. Deborah Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Joyce H. Adams
Honorable David Aikens
Patrick J. Albert
Miguel Aldaz
Ms. Brenda D. Allen
John W. and Linda Cone Allen
Mrs. Pamela L. Allen
Mrs. Kristine M. Altman
American Stage
Mrs. Linda Ammerman
Mrs. Deborah Andrade
Janet Angelin
Lizz Angello
Mrs. Francesca Asher
Mr.  Lillian M. Bahamonde
Amy Bahr
Wayne and Mary Baker
Andrea Balanzategui
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Baldoni
Mrs. Kelly A. Ballinger
Ms. Elvira Banfield
Chantry Banks
Janet V. Barbour
Airie H. D. Barnett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Barnhart
Mr. Chris Barry
Cheryl E. Bartch
Fred and Leslie Bartok
Ms. Holly Barton
Mrs. Susan D. Baughman
Keith Baumback
Ed and Susan Baxa
Princess Debi Beard
Louisa S. Beilan
L. R. Benner
Dr. William Bennett
Lyn and David Berelsman
Samuel Pierson Berggren
Paul Bernardo
Mohan Bhoj
Mike Bianchini
Laura Bibb
Jackie Bilbao
Patricia Billington
James Bina
John and Diane Bishop
Mr. Jeff Vaden Blackman
Myron Blattner
David Bloodgood
Kendralee Blythe
Patti Boggs
Joanne Bolemon
David Bolen
Ms. Treza Bordinat
Mr. Jason Borgemeister
Neil W. Boris
Ms. Barbara S. Borman
Timothy Bottorff
Roger and Patricia Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Bowen, III
Dr. And Dr. Michael Bowers
Mr. Robert William Brach
Vonda K. Bradbury
Michael and Deborah Branton
W. Gerry Braun, Inc.
Rachel Heimovics and Mati Braun
Jennifer Brazzell
Hillary Bressler
David Brice
Lawrence D. Brown, M.D.
Mrs. Sandra Lee Brown
Catherine Bruce
Shoshana Buchanan
Barbara Buchele
Ms. Kathleen Buckley
Scott & Melissa Bunkers
Stoney & Pat Burke
Mark Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Chester E. Burris
Ronald Bush
Laura Butts
Raquel Caballero
Tania Calderon
Carolyn Callahan
Mr. Dan F. Calleja
Mr. Harold Lee Cammack
Helen Camp
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Camp
Dianne Campbell
Kathleen & Jim Canavan
Kim and Thomas Cannold
Mr. Ariel Celestino Capongcol
Mrs. Shirley R. Carasik
Richard M. Caron
Ms. Lynn Carpenter
Ms. Ann L. Carrigan
Joye Carson
Carl and Karen Carter
Carl and Karen Carter
Mrs. Roberta Angela Carto-Gomez
Ms. Chrissy E. Case
Mr. David L. Case
John T. Cash III
Dr. Ivan Castro
Jana Caswell in Honor of Lillian Nolan
Christine Cavallini
Mr. and Mrs. Cecchetti
Ms. Loretta B. Chapin
Mrs. Michelle Chapin
Mr. L Hunter Choate
Mr. Lee Chojnacki
Colette Cholewa
Chris Christensen
Dr. Marie Christensen
Louise Christie
Mary Anne Ciavatta
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ciuchta
Colleen Cleary in Memory of Bette Cleary
Susie Click
Steven Cluck
Mary Cobb
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Colbourn
Sarah Cole
John C. Collier
Cindy J. Collins
Gene Columbus
Mrs. Sarah Concepcion
Mrs. JoAnn Connor
Paul and Sharon Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cooper
Mrs. & Mr. Gina Marie Cooper
Bob Copeland in Memory of Murrell B. Copeland
Dr. Karen H. Copp
Mrs. Carmen T. Corrtes Ramos
Joseph M. Coury
Robert and Diana Coven
Carol Cox
Paul and Alfreda Cragin
Dan and Jill Croom
Matt Cross
Dr. Tace Crouse
Mr. Timothy W. Crouse
Mr. Charles M. Csizmar
Christine and John Culbertson
Peter and Alicia Culp
Miss Heather Amanda Culp
Mrs. Katie Dagenais
Dandelion Communitea Cafe
Miss Crystal Michelle Dare
Mr. Michael Lakaff Davidson
Honorable Heidi Davis
Joel Davis
Mary Jo Davis
Mr. Robert William Davis
Ms. Kristen Deangelis
Ms. Dana DeClerk
Ms. Virginia de Guehery Bruton
Dr. Steve Delchamps
Dr. Bart Delsing
Denise R. Warner
Ms. Susan Desjardins
Mrs. Jan Devinney
Mario Oscar Diaz Durand
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Digiacomo
Dr. Robert L. Dipboye
Dr. and Dr. Frank Girard Ditz
Ms. Karem S. Dixon
Sheri and Mark Dixon
Cindy Dobie
Mrs. Kathy Dobronyi
Paul and Kristine Dobson
Chip and Toni Dockery
Devin Dominguez in Memory of Rose Penzato Dominguez
Monica Donaldson
Mary Donelly
Joyce Dort
Tamara Dorway
Margaretta Douglas in Memory of Pepe Douglas, Actor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Downes
Mrs. Amy Drew
Ms. Carol L. Droessler
Leslie Dubow
Mrs. Rosemary Durocher
Hue Lien Duxbury
Ellie Dvorkin
Dr. Perry M. Dworkin and Mrs. Eileen Dworkin
Carol Ann Dykes
James Dykstra
William T. and Jennifer D. Dymond
Laura Earle-Imre D.V.M.
Miss Erin Easler
Eat More Produce
Steven N. Ebert
Gregory Eckstein
Mr. Joseph Egan
Mrs. Semra Francesca Eichelberger
Mr. Mitch J. Eick
Rex and Kathy Elbert
Richard and Susan Ellenburg
Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Elliott
Keith Thomas Emery
Ms. Victoria B. Englehart
Rocco English
Mrs. Susan B. Ennis
Barbara Estevez
Judith and Norman Falkin
Mr. Bernard Farquharson
Nancy and Rj Farris
Mr. Edward Fassett
Mr. Logan Faucette
George Felix
Amy Felshaw
Mr. Jairo Feria
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Betty Filzer
Samuel Finken
Michael Finn
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Flick
Ali Flores
Helen Flores
Mrs. Marlyn L. Foell
Kristin Foley
Elliot and Phoebe Rosewater
S. Franklin
Clive Frazier
Richard Bruce Fredericksen
Mrs. Katherine L. Fredlake
Sarah Freeman
Kenneth Fricker
Sylvia Gallo
Mr. Keith R. Gapinski
Miss Annmarie Garcia
Jose F. Garcia
Susan and Lenny Gardberg
Richard and Gretchen Garnache
Mr. Drew Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Garner
Mrs. Marjorie A. Gates
Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Genarro
Dana Geren
Eric A. Gershman, Md in Honor of Janine Klein
Tony Giacomelli
Dr. Tonyia and Hugh Gibbons
Penny S. Gilman
Barbara A. Glass
Gordon G. Goertz
Janet Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Gomez
Annie Goodenbour
Ms. Diane Goodpaster
Michael Gordon
Wanda Grawet
Alan and Barbara Greber
Margie A. Green
Elinor Greenway
Dr. Scott Greenwood and Dr. Pamela Freeman-Greenwood
Mark and Kimberly Griffis
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Grozio
Jon Grushka
Wade Gunn
Bill Guthrie
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gwynn
Edward and Mary Haddad
Marty and Mike Haddad
Dr. and Mrs. Jamal  & Hana A. Hakim, M.D.
Russell and Barbara Hale
Mrs. Cheryl B. Hall
Drew Hall in Memory of Sue Bond
Mrs. Phyllis C. Hall
Tanya Hall
Happy Faces Prep School
Wendy Harmon
Christopher and Heidi Harne
John Harrell
Howard Harris
Michael Harris
Dr. William Michael Harris
Barbara and Bill Hart
Ellie Hauser
Ms. Susan Hawthorne
Ms. Laura Haynes
Heart of Florida United Way
Rhoda Hebert
Mary Heffernan
Gabriel A. Hegyes
Sheri and Mark Dixon
Jim Helsinger and Suzanne O'Donnell
Debra Hendrickson and Robert Linder
Jeanine Henry
Andrea Herbert
William Hermann
Grant and Erin Heston
Mr. Bill Hider
Ms. Cj Higginbotham
Deborah Hill
Fannie Hillman
Mrs. Michele A. Hipp
Pam Holland
Philip Holt
Ms. Karen Homan
Marcia Hope Goodwin
David Horgan
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph William Horton
Edward Hotaling
Franklin Houghton
Bonnie Hubbard
Mr. Scott Hudson
Ms. Barbara J. Hughes
Richard Hughes
Anonymous in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Hull
Erin Humiston
Ms. Rachel Jane Humphries
Mrs. Danielle Christine Hunt
Nancy Hutson
Christa Hyatt
M. Carol Hyder
Terry and Bette Hyman
Ms. Abigail Jablonski
Mrs. Lynette Jackson-Lott
Ronald Jackson
Mrs. Tracy Donna Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit L. James Jr.
Mrs. Jean Jamieson
Kristin Rebecca Janssen
Nancy Jardon
Mrs. Patricia E. Jenkins
Mr. Jerry R. Jerome
Bruce and Carol Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Johnson
Erica Johnson
Kathy and Dan Johnson
Pamela Johnson
J. P. Jones
Bette Jore
Miss Melissa Kristen Joseph
Scott Joseph
Barbara Judkins
J.V.D. Construction, Inc.
Marcia F. Kahn
Kanlane Kasunic
Max and Bella Katz
Mr. & Mrs. David Jachin Kelley
Mary F. Kelsh
Mr. Zachary J. Kelton
Charline Foley Kennedy
John Kennedy, M.D.
June Kennedy
Laurie Kennedy
Ms. Lynn A. Kennedy
Donna Kent
Geoffrey Kent
Colleen Kerney
Mahan Kalpa Khalsa
Jeanne and Michael Kiefer
Orman and Kay Kimbrough
Richard K. Kinas
Marilyn Kirby
Ms. Laura Davison Kleiss
Mrs. Kristen Knight
Jaime Kob
Melody Kohl
Mr. & Mrs. Liubov Nikolayevna Kolesilova
Judith F. Kovisars
Mary K. Kozak
Dinah Kozina
Donald Kratt and Beth George
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Kraus
Ms. Dedra L. Kroker
Douglas Kruger
Edward Lalonde
Dorothy Lamb
Jennifer Lamy
Victoria and Michael Landon
Carolina Lane
Charles Lang
Mark P. Lang
Marilyn Lang
Ms. Elizabeth Langston
Lisa M. Lanman
Megan Snelgrove - Lscc
Richard Larson
Paul Lartonoix
Lauren Laski
Dr. Shauna M. Laughna
Dale & Joan Laughner
Mr. & Mrs. Ces and Sharon Lawton
Mark Leavitt
Ms. Martha K. Leckar and Ms. Jenece Lynne Leckar in Memory of Our Beloved Husband and Daddy
Dr. Susan Ledlow
Kim and Steven Lee
Maria Lee
Roland and Lucienne Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Leet
Fern Lefkowitz
Eileen and Joe Lefkowitz
Mark Leggett
Jeannette Leinbach
Mr. & Mrs. Laura Lensky
Alan Levi
Dr. Michael and Diane Levine
Rosalind J. Levitt
Emily Beth Lewis
Dr. Leslie S. Lieberman
Emily Lindahl
Leigh Lindsay
James Linkous
William Little
Mrs. Jacinthe Littlefield
Ms. Teresa Lachowicz-Chin in Memory of Norma Conrath
Jeanette Lockington
Andrew S. Lohaus
Karla Lopez
Carla S. Love
Eileen Lowe
Doug and Judy Lowen
Mrs. Nancy T. Luckett
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Luddy
Mrs. Glorimar Lug
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Lulow
Sarah Lyna
Mr. & Mrs. Dave M. MacDougall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mace
Miss Thien T. Mach
Grace Machado
Miss Sarah Anne Mahaffey
Kathy Mahoney and Chris Daniel
Mary Mahoney
Mr. Beau Mahurin
Julia Malenke
Helen Martinez
Kirsten Martinez
Melissa Braillard
Robin R. Matthes
Mrs. Christy Ann Matthews
David R. Mattson
Debra Mauget
Ms. Leannis K. Maxwell
Mr. & Mrs. Scott H. Maxwell
Ms. Elizabeth McCarty
Bettina McCormack in Honor of Laura Forrest
Donald McCoy
Mrs. Laura A. McGinnis
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McGowan
Ms. Elaine D. McGowan
Bill McGuire
Ms. Mary Elizabeth McIlvane
Shannon McIntyre-Bugos
Yolande McKay
Christine L. McLaughlin
Dr. Jamaal McLeod
Katie McQuade
The Mealo Family
Ron and Eleanore Mecklenburg
Mr. Alex R. Medina
Sam and Eleanor Meiner
Robert G. Melanson
David Melnik
Mr. Andrew Meng
Ms. Jae Michael
Honorable Eric L. Michaud
Susanna Michaud
Millenium Management Corporation
Bob and Jan Miller
Camellia Miller Anne Miller
Ms. Marilyn D. Miller
Bob and Paula Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Miller
Lois H. Mills
W.A. and Mary Ellen Milton
Mr. Chase R. Minervini
Lilibeth Miranda
April and Keith Montgomery
Jennifer Moore
Mr. Jeremy W. Moore
Mrs. Rosemary K. Moore
Mr. William R. Moore
Maryanne Moorhead in Honor of Carolyn Saliba
The Garnette Family
Jeanne Morford
Ms. Lisa Morris
Christine E. Moss
Joshua D. Mueller
Rick and Jane Mueller
Mary Clare Munster in Memory of Mike Donlevy
Ms. Genon R. Murray
Sean D. Myers
Jamie L. Mykins
Robert and Glad Nadeau
Mary Nathan
Terrence and Valerie Navin
Princess Liliana S. Neeves
Sean Wallace Nelson
Mr. Jerry A. Noe
Eliane Norman
Ms. Sue Kelder Norman
Lesley Parish Noyes
Mr. & Mrs. Erin Nurse
Brenda J. Oakley
Bill and Jane Oatway
Carol O'Keefe
Shannon Olesen
Martha Onate
Gladys Orlando
John and Carole Orr
Ms. Konnie Ort
Ms. Haley Katherine Ortega
John  &  Bobbie Overbey
Elke Owen
Rebecca Owens
Lamar D. Oxford
Gail Padgett
Marsha Palitz
Jennifer Christa Palmer
Chico Palomado
Mr. Brian T. Pape
Mr. John D. Parker
Chris L. Parkinson
Ayla Parsons
Ms. Renee Dove Parsons
Mr. Michael Patalano
Patrick J. Albert
Ms. Susan Paul
Elizabeth and John Peele
Judy Pensack
Terrence Peppy
Mrs. Lana Pereira
Miss Maria Perez
Mrs. Mary Perreault
Nicole M. Peters
Shirley Peters
Fred Petito
Theresa Phillips
David M. Piatt
Mr. Terence Michael Pierce
Ron and Mary Ann Pigora
Mrs. Patricia Gardner Pope
Charles Porter
Cherie E. Potts
Patricia Prevatt
Dr. Marian W. Price
Kay W. Pricher
Darin Principe
John & Michelle Purdy
Ms. Kathleen L. Pynn
Jamie Mykins
Tom and Teresa Quinn Fund
Mrs. Antonela Radulescu
Mr. Alexander Oscar Ralls-Novo
Karen Ramberg
Jolyon Ramer in memory of Dorothy L. Ramer
Ms. Katherine Ramsberger
Jessica L. Randolph
Sandra Randolph
Karen Ratiliff-McNeil
Carol A. Ratliff
Dr. And Dr. Gary E. Raulerson
William Travis Ray
Marion Raymond
Diana Katz Recu
Drs. Brenda C. Reddout
Mr.  gary redmond
Cindy Reemsnyder
Gus Reeves
Mr. Mark Reeves
Sue Reichard
Gene Reidy
Katie and Bill Reischmann
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Reynolds
Betty Rhodes
Doree Rice
Mrs. Veronica Anne Rickles
Veronica Ricks
Collette E, Ridenour
Michelle Rieber
Mark and Anne Riecken
Mrs. Debbie Lynn Riley
Elizabeth Rio
Maria Ripol
Mr. Orlando V. Rivera
William and Barbara Robbinson
Joyce J Robel
Mike Singer and Kathy Roberts
Stan and Reneé Roberts
Rosemary M. Robinson in Memory of Jerry M. Robinson, M.D.
Mr. & Mr. Peter P. Rocchio
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rodgers
Howard and Lenore Roland
Anna Romaine
William F. Romanach
Linda and David Rosati
Ms. Cheryl M. Rosenberg
Paula Rossman
Terrie Rowan
Mr. Daniel Rubinstein
Matthew Rush
Pat Russell
Wanda Russell
Mr. Michael Daniel Russo
Ms. Crystal Lee Salvi
Michael P. Sampson
Ms. Rita Sanchez
Julie and Carl Sandberg
Ms. Diane L. Sandquist
Britt Sandusky
Delise Sangmeister
Beth Guba Schaan in Honor of Rita Lowndes, She is a Community Treasure!!!
Karla L. Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Scherer
Fred and Carmela Schildwachter
Joe and Sondra Schimmoller
Mr. Stephan Schmid
Mary W. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Schnitzlein
Mr. Marlon Scott
Mr. Jason Seelmann
Mr. & Mrs. Yilaisa Seijas
Mrs. Patricia Semler
Joanne Serra
Mr. J. Richard Sewell
John and Judith Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shenefelt
Roston and Catherine Shuman
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Sides
Miss Anne Marie Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simpson
Merrill Sinert
Suk and Anu Singh
Christy Siron
Cynthia Skogsberg in Memory of Afton Filko
Mr. Ashishkumar Smart
Bryan Smathers in Honor of Patti Combs
Mr. Antonio Deandre Smith
Ms. Beth G. Smith
Dr. And Mr. Elise Anderson Smith
Lois D. Smith
Cassandra Snapp
Tod Sneeringer
Lori Snook
Regina Spellman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spencer
Ms. Elizabeth Marie Spina
Cynthia Spurgeon
Dana Stallard
Norma Stanley
Jennifer Starkey
George and Barbara Stedronsky
Jym Steele
Mr. Jamie w. Steidle
Becky Berlin
Mr. Trevor Stewart
Faye Stillman
Mr. And Mrs. Joseph B. Stillman
Sigrid and Rudi Stockhammer
James Stockton
Amy Stone
Mr. David Stone
Penny Storm
Ms. Judy St. Peter
Michael J. Strasberg
Mr. Jason Aaron Streit
Mr. & Mrs. Tilmon Strickland
Kelly Strykul
Ms. Amy Stuart
Irwin and Ruby Suberman
Zena and Dan Freeman
Vicki Sumagpang
Dawn Sumrall
Carole Sustak
Mrs. Arlene Sutherland
Harriet Swallwood
Dr. Sharon Swann
Mrs. Cassandra Marie Swickert
Switch Over Electrical Co.
Stephen G. Szucs
Mr. Stephen Patrick Szutenbach
Ms. Deborah B. Talley
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Taraschi
Jodi Tassos in Memory of John Tassos
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carl Tatro
Rene Taubensee
Phyllis A. Taylor
Ron and Robin Taylor
Alice E. Taylor-Boddy
Ruby D. Tebo
Marilyn Terborg
Risa Tetenbaum
Robert Troy Thomas
Mrs. Kim Thornburg
Dr. Janet Tinoco
Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini
Cristian Toma
Tekla Toohey
Mrs. Cynthia Torres
Mrs. Yohara Torres
Ken Towery
Elizabeth Ann Traynor
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Tresser
Steve Triggs in Honor of Margot Knight
Ms. Yolanda D. Triplett
Angie Tuckerman
Rob Turk
Dawn Tuza
Sharlene Tyler
UnitedHealth Group Matching Gift Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Nasir Farooq Usmani
Gregory J. Vanatta in Memory of Charles Vanatta
Frances Vanderlee
Mr.  Peter f. van Varick
Ms. Sterling S. Vestal
Mr. Paul H. Viau, Jr.
Joe Vincent
Dave Waechter
Mr. And Mrs. Thomas M. Walker
Reverend Robbi Walker and Mr. William Walker
Mary Ellen Wallis
Kim D. Walz
Mr. Mike Walz
Elizabeth Wardle & Nkosi Shanga
Ben Warren
Lawrence Wartell
Stonbridge Finacncial Planning Group, Llc
Ms. Mercedes R. Wechsler
Barbara Weinreich
Ms. Kelly Whalen
Linda Wheeler
Amanda Whetstine
Ms. Patricia Lynn White
Miss Susan White-Slater
Alison Whitney
Miss Katherine Whitton
Catherine Wiechecki Vergara
Mrs. Amanda Wieczorek
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Allen Wiley
Judy D. Wilhelm
Mrs. Allyson W. Williams
Ms. Angela Marie Williams
Atheka R. Williams Graham
Pauline Williams
Sybil Williams
Ms. Rebecca Eileen Winders
Nancy R. Winter
Gayle Wirtz
Abe and Tess Wise
Lori and Daniel Wise
Mr. Mark B. Wise
Stephen and Angela Withers
Julie Wolf
Gerald A. Wolter
Kristin Wong
Sandra Wood
Linda L. Woods
Colleen Woodson
Julie Woods-Robinson
Charles M. Woolfolk
Donna Wyatt
Mr. & Mrs. James Yoachim
Gina Yolango
Dr. Robert Young
Ms. melissa a. youngman
Miss Amara Yunus
Adrienne and Ross Bell in Memory of Jennie Zecca
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Zehngebot
Jack Zimmer
Zimmer Poster Service, LLP
Ryan Zirkle
Alex C. Zukoski


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