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“Great Shakes in Orlando. You don’t have to head to England to see world-class theater. The Bard’s finest has come to Florida.”

– Southern Living Magazine

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Acting/Education Internship

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Our Intern Training Program (ITP) helps early career actors transition from university theater to the professional stage. Our ITP graduates gain mainstage performance credits, a strong Shakespeare foundation, career guidance, a respect for all aspects of theater, and the ability to create and teach theater-based curricula.

Interns are given the opportunity to perform on our mainstage in at least two productions and may perform in staged readings for PlayFest, our new play festival. They work side-by-side in rehearsals with Equity actors and stage managers, and may have the opportunity to work with or audition for visiting directors. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn Equity Membership Candidate Points, and receive instruction on performing Shakespeare. Courses are taught by our resident master teachers, as well as Artistic Director Jim Helsinger.

As Actor/Educators, interns receive teacher training, preparing them to teach our K-12 school residencies, which introduce students to Shakespeare and the basic elements of theater. Interns also assist in teaching our Saturday classes for local youth, and serve as both administration and production support throughout the year.

Our Intern Training Program is sponsored in part through the generosity of the Florida Theatrical Association and features:

We estimate that ITP spend their time as follows:

Acting/Education Internship Auditions

Auditions for the 2016-2017 season will be held Saturday, February 20, 1pm-5pm and Saturday, February 27, 1pm - 5pm at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Orlando. To schedule an appointment and for additional information, call our Education Department at (407) 447-1700 ext. 254 or email Jennifer Bonner at jenniferb@orlandoshakes.org. Orlando Shakespeare Theater will also be attending the South East Theatre Conference auditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the perfect intern candidate?
A: We are looking for hard-working, creative, dedicated individuals, who can work well with a variety of supervisors in a fast-paced environment. We especially appreciate challenge-seeking self-starters with positive attitudes and time-management skills. Our internships are adjustable to all levels of training, from beginner to recent undergraduate student to MFA graduate.

Q: Can I use this internship to complete my degree?
A: Interns may use their internship to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree. Our Director of Education, Anne Hering, is available to assist you in completing any paperwork required by your college or university.

Q: What is the common workload for an intern?
A: Interns work hard. We want to make that clear. The average work week, not including lunch and dinner breaks, is between 50-75 hours a week. The workload varies with the responsibilities to which the intern is assigned. An intern that is rehearsing a show while performing in another show will be considerably more taxed than an intern who is only doing teaching, administration or technical work.

Interns are contractually guaranteed one day off a week. The Director of Education determines that day by what duties the intern will be assigned to that week. If you are rehearsing or performing an Equity production, your day off will most likely be on Monday. If you are not in rehearsal and are teaching in our in-school residencies, your day off would fall on Sunday. You will have at least a week's notice as to what your day off will be.

Q: Can kids really do Shakespeare?
A: YES! Kids already understand Shakespeare on an emotional level because they are less closed off (or in control) of their emotions than adults. Teachers do not start the session with a pre-conceived play in mind, rather they choose the material based upon the skills and interests of their particular class.

Q: Can I go to school or have a second job while I am an intern?
A: No. With a schedule of 50-75 hours a week, it would be almost impossible and we discourage trying. Also, an intern's day off changes depending on their current project.

Q: Do I need to have a car?
A: Yes. Interns need to have a reliable way to get to and from work. For example, Interns often must drive to teach in a school up to 25 miles away from the Theater.

Q: What should I expect to perform for auditions?
A: We would usually like to see two contrasting monologues, one of which must be Shakespeare. We also would like to hear you sing a cappella. If you are attending a local audition, there may be sides available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Education.

Q: What if I have never performed Shakespeare before?
A: That's okay! If you have never performed Shakespeare before, you will not be immediately disqualified. Our directors are looking for, above all, talent and a willingness to work hard. However, if you are planning to audition for us, I would suggest preparing a Shakespeare monologue despite your fears. Remember there is no right or wrong in theater!

Q: What if I have never taught before?
A: Don't worry. You probably have taught before and don't realize it! Teaching a nephew how to swim or play a video game takes the same patience as teaching Shakespeare. But rest assured, we train our interns thoroughly about our in-school curriculum before they see a classroom. Also, we never send a teacher out alone. Interns will always teach with either a master teacher or another intern.

Q: Do I have to be a student at the University of Central Florida to be an intern?
A: No. It is not a requirement of the internship program. We have a thriving partnership with UCF and many BFA candidates fulfill their internship requirements with us, but we have also had many interns from all over the nation.

Q: What is your UCF-MFA program?
A: As one of the facets of our thriving partnership with the University of Central Florida, we offer their 3rd year MFA students a nine-month apprenticeship that runs concurrently with our ITP program. Like all the ITP participants, MFA Apprentices will audition for all OST shows and are guaranteed two roles throughout the season. They will generally spend the remainder of their time in the administration offices whereas the ITP participants' time will be split as described above. Read More...




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