The Great Gatsby

February 8 - March 26, 2017 | Margeson Theater

By F. Scott Fitzgerald, adapted for the stage by Simon Levy

When Young Nick Carraway is befriended by his mysterious neighbor Jay Gatsby, he is drawn into his glitzy world of lavish parties and secret speakeasies. But as Gatsby’s elusive past is uncovered and his intentions revealed, Nick finds himself a pawn in a love triangle so scandalous, it threatens to destroy all those around him. This American classic is a poignant examination of prohibition America, exploring the notions of love, morality, identity, and the corruption of the American Dream.

Director: Anne Hering
Fight Coach: David Reed
Choreography: Richard Lamberty
Scenic Designer: Dan Conway**
Scenic Design Assistant: Tyler Herald
Lighting Designer: Kevin Griffin**
Costume Designer: Jack Smith
Sound Designer: Britt Sandusky
AEA Stage Manager: Stacy Norwood*
AEA Assistant Stage Manager: Laura Lockner*


Meet the Cast

Matthew Goodrich*

Jay Gatsby

Kathryn Miller

Daisy Buchanan

Buddy Haardt*

Nick Carraway

Christian Ryan*

Tom Buchanan

Aubrey Saverino*

Jordan Baker

Philip Nolen*

Meyer Wolfsheim

Georgia Mallory Guy*

Myrtle Wilson/Ensemble

Jacob Dresch*

George Wilson/Ensemble

Alexander Mrazek

Mr. Chester McKee

Maxel Garcia


Mike Nilsson


Eric Eichenlaub


Maddie Tarbox

Mrs. McKee

Madelyn James

Mrs. Michaelis/Ensemble

Gabrielle Toledo





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Critic and Audience Reviews

Sweeping…excellent…Levy’s adaptation wisely anchors itself around the first-person account of narrator Nick Carraway…a satisfying conclusion…affecting.