Twelfth Night

February 21 - March 23, 2018 | Margeson Theater

By William Shakespeare

A pair of shipwrecked twins set into motion a tale of mistaken identity, eccentricity, and unlikely love. Separated from her brother Sebastian, quick-thinking Viola adopts a male disguise and enters the service of the handsome Duke Orsino—only to find herself in the middle of a love triangle. When Viola’s new boss sends her to win over his unrequited love, the Countess Olivia, her disguise proves too effective and the Countess falls for the young girl dressed as a boy instead.

Playing in rotation with Shakespeare in Love, we’ll explore how it was done in Shakespeare’s time (only with bathrooms and air conditioning). It will be a fully Elizabethan production – featuring the clothing, scenery, music and dance of 1602 and performed by an all-male cast.


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